About ReLite

A team of dedicated and passionate individuals.

David Haase - Co-Founder/Director of Operations

Jon Gillis - Co-Founder/Director of Marketing

Eric Parsley - Co-Founder/Director of Sales and Customer Service

Our Purpose

We no longer need to rely on landfills for electronic waste disposal or employ costly, ineffective recycling programs. Now, it is commercially viable to offer IT recycling services that keep IT equipment from ending up in landfills, once and for all. Our first priority is to salvage electronics for re-marketing, as this is more energy-efficient than recycling. As a result, absolutely no part of our services dump anything in the landfill.

Our Dedication

At the very core of ReLite, we are dedicated to providing a service where companies can easily recycle their IT equipment into responsible hands. We will make sure that your equipment does not end up in a landfill, and is instead repurposed, recycled, and launched out into the world where it will continue to be used.

We break down equipment not repurposed, into components, which are then sent to vendors for recycling. We only work with R2 Certified downstream vendors, which ensures industry-best practices for recycling. These vendors promote the safest, most effective recovery of electronic materials, thereby minimizing the environmental risk posed by electronic refuse.