Hard Drive & Data Destruction

Proper and comprehensive hard drive & data destruction.

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Hard Drive and Data Destruction

It is paramount that certain information be protected, and this is especially true for storage media that reaches the end-of-life stage. However, simply erasing the data by manually deleting files or re-formatting drives is not enough-reliable, trustworthy service is required to ensure sensitive data is fully eradicated and/or hardware destroyed according to DOD and NIST standards. Without it, you put the sensitive data of your business, your clients and your customers at risk, ultimately placing the reputation of your company on the line. ReLite is here to prevent this from happening.

Through multiple destruction measures, including data wiping, standard data erasure, and physical destruction, ReLite helps businesses surpass their data safety obligations, and thereby protect their livelihood. Our processes are efficient and effective, meet all current DOD and NIST standards, and ensure 100% data destruction.

All hard drives that come into our facility are electronically wiped, but for those companies that need physical destruction for compliant purposes. ReLite offers physical data destruction for a small fee. At $8/drive or $4/backup tape, all drives or media will be physically destroyed with certificates of destruction. Don't let your data be unsecured but have the peace of mind knowing that our physical hard drive and media destruction service will leave any media unrecoverable.