Remote Access Technical Support

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Remote Support

Remote service/support refers to a technician using software to access a client’s devices offsite in order to provide maintenance and support. These services could include installing updates, troubleshooting issues or installing security patches.

The Key Benefits of Remote Service 

Ease of Accessibility

Clients situated in remote, difficult to reach locations can still access advanced level support for their systems/machines/PCs.

Immediate Access

The maintenance operations are not limited to the working day since a technician from another part of the world in another time zone can address an issue. 

Increased Safety

Rest assured with a fully encrypted connection that can be only enabled from the clients granted access, and can be terminated at any time with the click of a button. 

Access to a large skill set

If you find yourself without an I.T. Department you now have full access to certified I.T. professionals at a fraction of the cost.  

Multiple devices can be managed from a remote location

Remote services allows multiple devices to be managed, configured and/or upgraded. 

No travelling Expenses

The overall cost of remote services is less because travelling expenses are not incurred. Diagnostic analysis of a problem and the resolution can take place remotely, which would have in the past, involved multiple site visits. 

What Does It Take to Implement?

Internet Access.